Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I've been thinking.

So lately I’ve been home more and it’s been making me think. I need American Gladiators back. This is really all I have to say I just really miss it. I hope someone else understands how this feels. My favorite game has to be Breakthrough & Conquer or Assault. Tank was my favorite Gladiator but he was only on for a year or so.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Crossville, triplets, and side car. This is all that needs to be said.

Ok, it's 5 in the morning so I thought, heck, I'll blog because well I'm funny. So why not give all you people a treat. My parents tell me I have to go to Crossville to get the deed to the truck my grandpa gave me which is a whole different funny story that may be told later. So Dillon offers to go with me and so does Evan for some reason. Well once before when I was in Crossville I saw a pretty lady so me Evan and Dillon think why not look for her not like anyone knows us in Crossville so it will be funny.

I get the deed from my grandma and tell her I have some friends and we need to get home soon but instead we just search all of Crossville which took 5 minutes at most. We didn’t find us any cuties so I decide I want something to drink for the ride home. Then Evan goes maybe the young lady works at the gas station. We go in and I look at the cashier and look who it is, it’s the cutie we have been searching for. So I pick out what I want then Evan says dude let me check it out so I can hit on the girl so I say OK and take one for the team. Well he tries to strike up a conversation but just gets shut down and the girl just answers his questions in one word.

When he gets out and back in the truck I ask him how it went and he informed us not too good. We convince the kid to go back in and give it another shot once again not working out well for him. Dillon being the genius he is decided we need to give her his number so we all agree but we have no paper or pencil. Which means I have to go back to my grandma's and get the stuff which she found quite funny because I told her I needed to get back in a hurry but she didn’t seem too care much. Also on the way to my grandmas again this is where Dillon got his new nickname of side car because if she was too young for Evan we were going to give her to Dillon.

We get back and he goes in for the third time and he hears that she has a friend named Mallory. Evan gets up to the check out gets his drink checked out then looks at her and tells her this is for her and gives her his number which was actually my number. We are yet to be called back by this girl. But we have found out more about her that her name is Paige and that she is a triplet from Carmi which is the funny part because that means we could have all had a date in Carmi if she called back...even side car. We are all still looking forward to a call back but it seems as if this will never happen. The message from this long unnecessary story is true love can’t be found in Crossville. But you can find triplets which may just be better, time will only tell.

Monday, August 15, 2005

An open letter to all you women.

My emotions for you are amazingly strong. I can't even look at another woman because all I do is come back to thinking of how wonderful you are. If I can't be with you, then I'll be single forever. But being single and waiting for you can't be that hard. I've only done it for the last six years of my life what can another six be? It can't be any worse.

My life will be worthless until the day our lips touch for the first time. When this happens it won't only be the greatest day of my life, it will also be the only day I will ever be able to remember. Even if I have to live my whole life knowing I can't be with you, one night with you would still let my heart live knowing someday, somehow this could possibly happen again.

You may believe I'm saying all this just for laughs, but that isn't true at all. I live for you. I live to touch your lips, to wake up with you in the morning, to take you. I would do anything, just ask me to do one thing, just give me this one chance. You don't understand that is all I would need to sweep you off your feet. I would take you out to watch the sunset if that's what you want. I'll fix you breakfast, lunch, or even supper if it's what you want. I'll sing for you like birds chirping at night if it was what you wanted.

I dont know if you will wake up and read this and your feelings will change of me, but just wait, give it a few days for you to look at me to see who I really am. Not the show I put on, the true me. If only I could possibly show to you this tear coming down my eye right now. It isn't because of how romantic all this that I have put is. It's because I love you.

You are the only person I will ever be able to cry for. I'll always have the memories of the days I cried for you and wish you would be there for me but couldn't be. That isn't how it has to be now. Just give me a chance, please.

There's not a single other thing I could say right now. I've told you everything, every single feeling I have had for you. Now I just need to know: Do you feel anything for me? I'm tired of just waiting around for you. I know you're the perfect woman for me just from the way you smile. So just tell me how you feel. This is all I want now because I know what I want is nearly impossible unless I was with you right now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

[Episode 1] The Twenty-fifth

Scarlett's Adventures #1


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